Painting can make u RICH !!!

How rich people become rich? Have you really think about it? How they do it? One of the option, ART INVESTMENT !!!


Lets see the result of the top 5 most expensive paintings in the world…

1) Salvator Mundi | Leonardo da Vinci | (1490-1519) | sold for $450.3m (€382m)

2) Interchange | Willem de Kooning | (1955) | sold for c.$300m (€254m)

3) The Card Players | Paul Cézanne | (1892/93) | sold for c.$250m (€212m)

4) Nafea Faa Ipoipo | Paul Gauguin | (1892) | sold for $210m (€178.3m)

5) Number 17A | Jackson Pollock | (1948) | sold for c$200m (€169.8m)


Rich man staying in big house & painting with equal value is necessary for them to enhance their lifestyle & yet represent their ” Standard” . So, in near coming future,  ART MARKET , will be One of the broadest market in the world , same as Properties , Stock , Equity, Antique & ECT !!! 



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